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Reinforced concrete trays LK

LC trays are reinforced concrete high-strength channel elements. They are a reinforced concrete bracket with a U-shaped cross section. The shapes of the trays allow them to perform their main functions – the liquid cannot leave its channel, and the inside is reliably protected from three sides. Reinforced concrete trays LC are used as rain and rain gutters from residential areas, roads, pedestrian sites, parking lots, etc. In addition, trays are used in the construction of roads and complex engineering structures. Through these elements, it is possible to lay networks of electrical cables, electrical buses, pipelines, heating mains, from above they are covered with slabs. Due to the wide range and use of only high quality materials, they are ubiquitous and are used in heterogeneous soil conditions. Channels that are mounted from prefabricated reinforced concrete trays can be built in a short time, while they differ in their operational practicality.

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