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Hollow core PC marking slabs

Slabs are reinforced concrete products for the installation of basement, interfloor and attic floors. The most popular among developers today are multi-hollow concrete products, since they are distinguished by high technical and operational characteristics, are light in weight and minimize the load on the foundation. The dimensions of the hollow core slabs according to GOST can be different – it all depends on their variety and manufacturing features.

Hollow core slabs, depending on thickness, length and width, have a weight of 0.3 to 5 tons, which is much less compared to monolithic horizontal load-bearing structures. At the same time, in terms of technical parameters, multi-hollow concrete products are slightly inferior to solid reinforced concrete floors. This allows you to significantly reduce the load on the foundation of the building without loss of strength characteristics.

Depending on the concrete brand used for the manufacture of floor slabs, their bearing capacity can range from 300 to 1600 kg / m2. However, products that are able to withstand a load of 800 kg / m2 without loss of strength, integrity damage, and the appearance of deflections are most in demand in construction.

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