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FBV-base blocks continuous with cut-out

Фундаментные блоки

One of the most common foundation building options is the use of concrete blocks.

These structures do not need formwork, and their strength is guaranteed by the factory technology of vibrating and steaming concrete.

When building on soft soils, the blocks rest on foundation pillows – wide prismatic slabs that reduce pressure on the soil.

In addition to the construction of prefabricated foundations, blocks are also used for the construction of retaining walls, ramps, fences, platforms and overpasses.

Technical conditions of production, standard dimensions and strength characteristics are regulated by State Standard No. 13579, issued in 1978. In addition to heavy concrete, this norm allows the use of light silicate mixtures in the production of blocks, provided that their density is not less than 1800 kg per 1 m3.

Blocks of the FBV brand

They are produced to order in small batches, so they are quite rare at construction sites. The main difference from FBS blocks is a longitudinal cut used for laying utilities. These are short constructions with a standard length (L) of 88 cm. Their width (B) can be 40.50, 60 cm with a height (N) of 58 cm.

For the production of FBV, as well as for FBS, concrete of a brand of at least 100 kg / cm2 (B7.5) and frost resistance of 50 cycles (class F50) is used. For reinforcement, steel of classes A-I and A-III is used.

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