город Ташкент Яшнабадский район, массив Тузел-2, дом 12Б

FBS – Solid Blocks Solid


Decoding “FBS” means – the foundation blocks are solid. They are presented in the form of concrete products of heavy, expanded clay and dense silicate varieties. The main purpose of foundation concrete blocks is the construction of precast type foundations, basement walls, basement plots. FBS concrete blocks are recommended to be purchased if there is a need for the rapid construction of an underground structure, which with its main characteristics and bearing capabilities can be second only to monolithic reinforced concrete. Concrete blocks for the foundation are intended for the construction of small objects, they are also used for the construction of multi-story buildings. The foundation of the FBS perfectly withstands stress and ensures that the house will be strong, even if certain mistakes are made during the construction. The blocks for the foundation are made of reinforced concrete. They are based on concrete mortar, reinforced with steel reinforcement, which turns it into a reliable option for installation. FBS standard blocks differ in the shape of the parallelepiped. The main advantage is that the foundation of concrete blocks is erected much faster, financial costs are reduced. As follows from numerous consumer reviews, the foundation blocks allow you to evenly distribute the load on the base of the object, to build walls that are strong and resistant to frost.

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